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How To Get Started Using Pilates At Home

One of the best parts about Pilates is that it is good for just about anyone no matter if you are someone that likes to sit around or if you are a health nut.

In fact Pilates has gained a lot of attention these days. You may be getting the wrong type of instructions if you are not using a good source.

With any type of exercise, you can hurt yourself especially if you have a health condition or do not know the right way to do something.

Some gyms think that if they send their personal trainer to a weekend course, they are qualified to begin teaching Pilates. This is not true and can lead to injuries.

You want to have an instructor like Madeline Kahts who is featured in our Pilates DVD workout that is certified by a group that approves of rigorous training. This type of program needs to consist of several hundred hours of being instructed in Pilates only.

She has the education to modify the exercises so that a new person can perform them well and not hurt themselves.

Pilates enthusiasts all across the globe are enjoying their workouts in a place that almost seemed to be absurd until recently - at home.

It used to be that a person had to go to a high-end studio or a health club to take part in Pilates. Also, the equipment was too expensive, big and bulky to drag home.

Here's an example of what you would pay a studio instructor to teach you a Pilates exercise program.

Group Session Rates:
1 session - £55.00
5 sessions - £105.00
10 sessions - £210.00
20 sessions - £400.00

Personal One-to-One Training:
1 session - £110.00
10 sessions - £900.00
20 sessions - £1,675.00
40 sessions - £3,200.00

Then after you begin your lessons, you'll be expected to purchase additional Pilates books and equipment from the studio that they'll say is necessary to continue the program.

The costs can be mind boggling!

Here is something that changed everything - mat workouts. The home users first discovered that Pilates mat videos and DVDs were able to give them refreshing full body workouts.

You are able to be very flexible when doing Pilates are home. There are no schedules that you have to meet. You will have to have a certain amount of self-discipline to be able to set aside a block of time for three sessions a week.

You want to develop good techniques of movement and breathing, and these are best demonstrated and explained by a qualified instructor.

You will want to begin your Pilates exercises at home on a floor mat. They are popular because:

  • They are inexpensive
  • The space needed to store a mat is minimal
  • You can use our Beginner DVD to guide you
  • Our DVDs include variations that will accommodate beginners as well as advanced students of Pilates
  • Some of them will include exercises where you will have to use small inexpensive accessories like rollers and rings
  • This will add interest and variety to your workout
  • There’s no place like home

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