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Pilates is one of the most popular exercise systems in the country. It seems like everyone is either doing Pilates, or interested in starting a Pilates exercise program. Indeed, one of the best things about the Pilates method is that it works so well for a wide range of people.

Pilates Is For Everyone - the Young, the Old, the Athletic, and Those Who Have a Physical Disability

Pilates has become particularly popular among dancers, athletes, models and celebrities such as Madonna, Vanessa Williams and Sharon Stone, Pilates are also great for women rebounding from pregnancy and people who are at various stages of physical rehabilitation, because in addition to helping to develop flexibility without causing a strain on the muscles, it also helps improve posture.

Pilates’ balanced approach ensures that no muscle group is overworked and as a result the body works as an efficient, holistic system. It helps improve strength, tone, flexibility and balance, and makes the body less prone to injury. It reduces stress, relieves tension, and boosts energy through deep stretching.

A regular Pilates routine may result in a flatter stomach and a slimmer waist and thighs, as well as increasing joint mobility. Like yoga, it can also relieve stress and anxiety.

Chiropractic consultants recommend Pilates for strengthening the back and the spine. Physiotherapists also recommend Pilates, to those seeking rehabilitation after injuries to their limbs.

Pilates Helps Improve Strength, Tone, Flexibility and Balance, and Makes the Body Less Prone to Injury...

It Reduces Stress, Relieves Tension, and Boosts Energy Through Deep Stretching!

Pilates is also recommended for the elderly, people suffering from osteoporosis, and people who are overweight.

It creates a stronger, more flexible spine, promotes recovery from injury, increases joint motion, improves circulation, heightens neuromuscular coordination, corrects muscle groups, enhances mobility, agility and stamina, and improves the look and feel of your body.

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